Dozen Roses Wine

Our Wines are imported from Spain, one of the most prolific wine regions of the world. We were eager to develop a unique wine that captures emotion through its brand name, label design and friendly taste. A wine brand that appeals to the young, adventurous wine consumers of today that are looking for undiscovered wines at a great price point. Through careful monitoring in the vineyard, our grapes are harvested at the optimal point of maturation. After crushing and destemming, the grapes are stored in stainless steel tanks, maintaining a maceration of several hours, giving the wines their ideal color. Low-temperature fermenting ensures a greater extraction of flavors, while the mouth-pleasing fruitiness is a result of knowing exactly when to stop the fermentation process to maintain its pleasant sweetness. We feel that our sweetness level is perfect for our consumer base.

Dozen Roses Red

Unpretentious, friendly, incredibly smooth, without even a hint of bitterness or bite, get ready to fall in love.

SKU: 8420138501286



Dozen Roses Rose

Like summer in a bottle.

SKU: 8420138501293



Dozen Roses White

A “crowd pleasing” white. 100% Sauvignon Blanc | Semi-Dulce

SKU: 89789456464



All Occasion Dozen Roses Wine Mixed Bouquet Gift Box

A mixed bouquet of Dozen Roses Wine that's perfect for any occasion!

SKU: 040820191



More Than Chocolate Dozen Roses Chocolate Gift Box

More Than Chocolate Dozen Roses Chocolate Gift Box

SKU: 011120185



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