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Dozen Roses Wines are elegant, modern, smooth and balanced. With three crowd-pleasing Semi Dulce options — red, white and rosé — there’s a Dozen Roses for every situation, every occasion, every wine lover.
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Perfect for every occasion, and always in style —A duo of luscious, smooth, and oh-so drinkable wines that take gifting for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, and Birthdays to a romantic new level.

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Dozen Roses Wine 


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Dozen Roses Wine
Enhances Every Occasion.

Dozen Roses Wine was created for everyday wine lovers… it’s unpretentious and friendly, the kind of wine that enhances every occasion simply by being there. Three palette-pleasing semi-sweet options, each with beautiful rose-covered labels that elevate the everyday to something extraordinary. The kind of wine that’s unforgettable… even before the first sip.

There’s a smooth and well balanced 100% tempranillo red wine that drinks like velvet, without even a touch of bite or bitterness — get ready to fall in love. For white wine lovers, our 100% sauvignon blanc is bright and refreshing. Serve it chilled with your favorite foods and your favorite people. Our pretty-in-pink 100% tempranillo rose wine , is like summer in a bottle (even when it’s not summer). With just the right touch of sweetness, it’s the perfect wine for dining al fresco or enjoying a sunset with nothing but a glass and someone you love.

And, with more and more wine drinkers asking for sweeter wine options , Dozen Roses Wine is exactly what they’re searching for. Smooth and easy drinking, with the perfect touch of sweetness in the finish, that’s never overwhelming and enhances so many different foods, from spicy Thai to delicate desserts.

When you’re looking for a great giftable wine , look no further than Dozen Roses Wine. For Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day, birthdays to Christmas and everything in between it’s a wine that’s inherently giftable, with a label that’s so pretty you can skip the gift wrap! Plus, we have gift baskets and gift box sets with pair our wines with gourmet food, wine accessories, novelty wine glasses and more!

Thinking of business gifting ? Think Dozen Roses Wine. Our wines are always appealing, and our gift boxes are professional and polished and oh-so elegant. With new home boxes fort real estate agents to gift clients at closing, to thank you boxes that work for so many professional situations, Dozen Roses Wine has the gift you need for any business occasion. Don’t see what you want? Buy a box and some wine and add your own custom components.

Imagine having Dozen Roses Wine as your wedding wine — it’s easy drinking so your friends will like it every bit as much as your grandmother will, and the label is so pretty, it will look like a part of the table setting. Matching single-bottle boxes, along with attractive bulk discounts, turn an amazing wine into a memorable wedding favor. As another option, we also offer mini wine bottles that we’ll dress with custom-printed ribbons for the perfect one-of-a-kind wedding favor. Plus, our gorgeous multi-bottle gift boxes let you create spectacular thank you gifts for your bridal party or welcome gifts for out-of-town guests. When you think weddings, make sure to say “I do” to Dozen Roses Wine.


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